Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Gothenburg de ode

"Gothenburg hear I am,
been Stockholm,
all over the Swedish motorways
to private getaways
others farm land,
this is my European utopia
next to Amsterdam"

I enter a house,
spider says hello,
my lady hates them,
every other minute,
she is covering one with a bowl,
until her mum wakes up
frees the trapped 8 legged soul.

Next morning...

Cancers are crab catching,
father and son
are rock running,
stone throwing,
seagull babies are moaning;

Mummy seagull took the crab bait,
took it to a higher place,
but it was bagged so in her face,
me and my son retrieve the bag,
so mother and daughter
can continue their day.

I walk the country road,
every 5 minutes I must step
aside for the Volvo,
so much so my son drops
in a ditch hole,
laughter for my soul.

Hay Hay
is what they say,
Smiles from locals,
I love their language,
when they speak it,
sounds like a
combination of yodels.

So much space,
hills I want to skate,
instead I free run
with the rocky landscape,
movement with earth body
spirit is life,
sitting is waste
adds to the waist.

A cat lays upon the shrub,
no fear whatsoever,
gives me love with a rub,
affection with a head hug.

Blackberries and apples,
a picking for every corner,
no corner shops,
no every little helps,
help yourself,
no V.A.T,
just natures shelf.

Young boy in the supermarket
on his scooter,
liability is a mystery,
in London instant tackle
from security.

Head mistress tells me
to tie my laces,
I thought school was finished
I was on a holiday,
clearly she did not want me
to fall whilst a play;

Madam mistress
gives me a tour of her school,
a forest, skate spots,
basketball court,
in the younger
children's playground,
I swing, go down the pole
climb up their rock wall.

I see why people jog,
long roads, beautiful
sunrises and sunset, fresh air,
why their health is on top,
if you want that fast food,
it's a long walk to the shop,
you would have burned
what you ordered
as you walk back home
on the hill,
instant burn off.

At dinner there is
nothing but wine,
the man of the house brings
some rum to add to my fun.

I am surrounded by women,
If all swedes are not models,
others are role models,
teachers, preachers,
who fuel life like fossils.

My journey ends
with me on top of
a drive through mountain,
where I climb a tree,
jump gaps like Luigi
with my green family,
now to catch a 6am flight
from Gothenburg to
London's insanity...

until my next visit
with the head mistress.

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