Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Maggot Man.. What A Week

Maggot man,
this was not part of the plan,
I was just a cat sitter,
not a egg murderer,
I'm a vegan,
but I had to deliver my hand,
neighbor complains,
but I can't make her understand.

Wait... what of your week?
my girlfriend is on holiday
her mums house
I am left to keep,
I find all sorts
that really want to throw,
but again I am a cat sitter,
my job?
refill the bowl and just go;

So I thought...
I have to war with
little larvae,
many eggs they lay,
I don't even eat eggs,
who am I to kill life,
before they get to play?

A fly on earth,
what if god decided to
kill all humans worth,
poor lava on our larvae,
because we are garbage,
eat garbage
litter on her turf.

day 2 maggots
in prepared cat food bag,
first two days my gloves
were a sandwich bag,
day 3 of cleaning,
they are chicken eating,
I have to wash this too,
my life was feeling
like a drag like I was
the lowest of my lowest
the weekend something
made me mad, even sad,
at that point I could have
went and turned mad...

Care workers come
into my head,
it is clear I have
heightened my respect,
to care for the elderly
whom may be enable
sick in their bed,
cleaners, sanitary duties,
sometimes they got
to be a chef,
the government better
raise the cheque,
taking care of their mothers,
if they could vote Le Hornet,
I would up the wage
in the care worker sect. 

Angry Status:
If the bin bag was earth,
maggots feed off garbage
as we do,
garbage news
garbage food,
parasites most are to earth,
one day Gaia will say shoo,
now let me add a Haiku:

Maggots in the bin, (5)
neighbor angry at nature, (7)
fly says please buzz off. (5)

Why do I have
to be the guy too fry
something beginning life,
I work with others young eggs,
who I teach how to live before I die,
make shore they get their wings
not leave them on stage one,
I wanna see them fly.

I am pro life,
this I had to abort,
not by choice,
but to avoid a voice
maybe a actual brawl,
I done it once for the peace,
but she told me put the bag
back and obviously
they re-spawn,
I had to do it twice,
But this time
the water was warm,
I came back
all stopped moving,
I gave the fly larva
a hornet morn.

I relate to the fact they create,
but not easy
when doing it in a human state,
inevitable their fate
to those who wriggle
to work doing garbage hours
from morning until late,
still by garbage food,
which why eggs
most cannot lay,
they will say;

Hornet why on hell
do you stick up for a fly,
my answer...
I stick up for the little guy,
the ones we judge,
like us is trying to get by,
we look at the as gross,
but our tax is just as high,
let me have my 21 vegan salute
to the babies of the flies I apologies.

In the end I clean grandmas
whole kitchen, side wiping,
foot mopping
and by the 4th day
I was efficient,
this elderly got me orderly,
speed improvement
and precision,
I took that lesson
back to my home
in my cleaning mission.

After the last day,
I create a salt bath,
honey bubbles,
sage oil and bathe,
my last thought before bed,
midwife I know you deserve it,
but next time please don't go away,
we can tackle it together because one
thing for sure, our team work is GREAT...
my queen  I will see you in the dream space.

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  1. Yes hornet, I was part of the seen,lavea getting mean.with dat being said😬😬😬