Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wet Wednesday...

Wet Wednesday...

Not the best of days,
today I was way late,
as I could not skate,
I have no need
to get a bus,
plus I don't mind
being like an oyster wet
without using the card,
rather ride my deck
than a double deck,
but the rain was coming hard.

Dry stop,
one of my younger students
has a question
of spiritual concern,
he admits he does not
want to speak
these problems,
I say it's healthy
together we shall learn,
what you speak
I am still living,
the answer will be given
in it's karmic turn,
you can live your life
without the physical fight,
I will be your light until
the day yours shines firm.

I care for the young ones,
more than I should,
no... it's encoded,
I was sent,
I am seen and heard,
on a scene... but no herd,
to express changing word,
with this changing weather
London youth are constantly
taking each other down,
I only imagine what they could
do if the stand together;

Not in a GANG
but you can be great
have the power to change
the state, do not let any teacher,
determine your life with a black
and white grey grade,
you are colourful,
so be bright as the day,
not night stalkers,
causing grief and grievance
around your estate,
this line was inspired
by my children,
for that were going
to have Wii U play,
we play more than games,
but its ok to lack of sun-ray.

Funny I am surrounded
by young minds,
from 3 to 23,
I want them to be free,
not remain trap behind city lines,
I want to hear it's their world
in their space on Big Ben's chimes.

Today I went home
listened to Alan Watts
whilst I wash pots
my daughter
wipes the sides
my son seasons,
his choice like the season,
it's summer with heavy rain,
so it doesn't have
to be done properly.

I reflect about the week I had,
motivating friends and family,
like inside out I feel sad,
but outside in I smile,
too many people are mad;

Mad in the sense I am crazy,
Mad because she has a baby,
Mad because you want to be his lady,
Mad because she's going out,
Mad because you're never about,
Mad at who gets the children,
getting them
Mad through your daily bout...

Allow me to introduce my night,
I am getting in a bath
full of honey and burning
an incense that smells like pine,
take time to read
catch up with my mind,
I feel like I have carried
a mountain this week,
not yet at the peak,
I will set up camp,
wait for the sun
continue my climb
toward heavens sunshine.

Under the skies
I wallow on my cries,
I ask...
rain wash away my woes
from my head to my toes,
 I full to my knees in puddles,
fist in the air reciting prose,
telling the divine all I propose,
let it rain on the concrete,
like 2pac let me blossom a rose,
let me be a star that shines
in your cosmos.

Today I was Neo in the rain,
among agents like agent smith,
he multiplies in multiple status
in this matrix,
from the police forces,
to the street kids,
to those in the middle
lost in the mix,
I do not battle with nature,
but am at war with those who
do unnatural things on this planet,
a thousand stings,
I must rest in my nest,
signing off your
poetic yellow jacket.

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