Friday, 15 September 2017

Earths Ambassadors Hindrance Hail

"I could care less
for the all seeing eye,
the only eye
I care for is Earth's,
her eye being the sky,
under her she will know
who was her truth
who was her lie,
Gaia is judgement before
her father and most will
suffer before and after they die"

We better stop hurting earth,
or our children will die before
they even get to give birth,
the planet is now
a haven for war,
it seems love is in a few
those who hate will feel her
elemental roar.

I am starting to wonder...
are scientist the aliens
as well as the military?
dropping bombs on her
and her children,
less forests
another new cemetery,
mother earth is now a
spinning obituary.

Captains of America,
there are
Captains of this planet,
who are here to protect
Gaia's life, why do you reject?
just to test weapon prospects,
missiles are your phallus you
force up her dress.

We talk about diversity,
only in the sense of humans,
animals are earths balance
as we unbalance their homes
to build more factory zones,
this will go against us one day,
we will be buried as A.I is left
in our catacombs.

At Most
she will bring
her mood tends
to become more
aggressive year by year,
2017 Hurricanes are one
part of her rage,
she is yet to make herself clear.

Climate change
does not seem that strange,
we got over abundant so we
could sustain,
now earth has sussed
it seems we are the stain,
it's us who brought her pain,
once a beautiful planet,
but people had become vain,
it would be her pleasure
to wipe us humans off her plain.

She is being pumped
full of toxins,
I feel it when she cries
acid droplets,
bees are losing there way in nature
because the world has advanced
in robotics,
or when she spews fish to the sure,
because mercury is in her
reservoirs, oceans and faucets.

There is a hole in the sky,
clouds are no longer
created by god,
but by men who know
how to vaporize,
cover their trails of chemicals
with conspiracy and lies,
spray it under people
who don't care or don't realize,
as we run around speculating,
this is nothing but a weather exercise.

What about on the ground?
tectonic plates,
the devil has his fork when
the volcano erupts
Poseidon when you
see tsunami waves,
which waves bye bye
to innocent villages and states,
it seems man is the new god
wants to be in charge
of many fates.

Earth is our birth right,
we let man do so much wrong,
Micheal Jackson made that clear
in his Earth song,
so did the film FernGully
the film had a message,
which today still stands strong,
but as she weakens,
so do we
and as
Earths Empath


(Earth Poem Pamphlet in LINK
get in her sync)

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