Saturday, 9 September 2017

systems victims

I am a victim
of the system,
they told me I
could be somebody,
but I seem to be getting
used by corporal bodies.

A class room full of adults
who also had dreams,
who were taught they could
do all sorts of things,
but now they wear neck strings,
caffeine junkies,
drinking cans of that stuff
that says it gives you wings;

Never to go higher
in their job,
they only go to the top,
if you want to test
if you can fly,
they can feel
they are not living
in a broken system,
why they go to
the top and dive.

My friends are victims,
they stay stagnant in society,
afraid to take risk
just in case they miss
overriding their priority,
as they struggle to own
their own monopoly.

The youth are victims
to the system,
zero hour contracts,
no constant wage packs,
jobs with no prospects,
they play musical chairs
with the check out tills
office desks.

My mother is a
victim to this system,
been working since
she was a teen,
years later she's
the one in pain under paid,
mum when I do make it...
I will take you out of the
nightmare and share my dream.

My great grandma
was a victim to
the slave system,
no work, whip them,
the cream made farms
bread race,
the lighter the face
the higher the stay,
in the masters house
who may feed you
the bone off his steak.

I don't want my daughter,
to be a victim to this system,
I say stay child like don't let
them mold your clay,
You are beautiful,
follow your mothers ways,
no cosmetics on her face,
she also brings babies
to this earth place,
a motivated woman,
so you shall,
I can see it when you skate.

My father is no victim,
but a wise man,
he survived 5 decades
without slaving for this land,
I admire that living free,
not helping of any devils hand...

Please god help...

I don't want my son to be
a victim to this system,
I always promote living,
dreams can be real
as long as you have intention;

It's a new world,
forget old ways,
teachers are only right
as the system says,
they only prepare
you to take over
your parents wage,
please son hack their code
and live out your true DNA.

We are all victims
to multiple systems,
from government
to religions,
we will forever
be victims if we
don't change
our decisions,
forever be called
to work serving
their lies and conditions
never to master
your true power missions.

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