Monday, 16 October 2017

Faulty Friendships

I am not the all seeing,
you tell me lies that you
want me to believe in,
You tell me about my failures,
so tell me what you're achieving?

I'm told I am outspoken,
but holding it in
leads to contempt,
why most relationships
are broken,
fixed on deceit,
the truth is they don't
want to speak,
hiding their true emotion,
the relationship started
will end as an open.

You have more
to question,
less to answer
with your intention,
you are a walking
Mortal and Kombat
with deception.

We can talk about
you all day,
by the end of it
I will have
nothing much to say,
I speak to both
you and your ego,
no reciprocation,
the complements
are just one way.

Friend... Ship the ones who
don't help you sail,
friends are only that of the past
because you... they have
already failed,
the future are in those
who do not anchor your life,
who will be there until
the end of the world.

I care because it's in my nature,
You only care when you
want a selfish favor,
your ugliness gets to my core,
if I would take you down,
I would bring you low
as the earths equator.

A friend in need,
is a friend who wants
your alcohol and weed,
your sofa with
breakfast and tea,
and will also
ask for a spare key.

Do I need to be
another yes man?
why I said no
when you ask me
to be your best man,
she made you worse,
but that truth you could
not withstand,
you got married,
she divorced you
and she's entitled
to half of your land,
it's the law
of a high priced whore
to take your butter
leave you in a jam.

Friendship is great,
until someone
throws it in your face,
then you wish you
had nothing to do with
them in the first place,
feels like all interactions
were a time waste,
but if you conjure
enough good memories
you will find something
to appreciate.

These days it's hard
to find a true friend,
like Ryu and Ken,
being lonely like Ryu
seems to be the best
in the end,
I don't believe that,
just know who is real
and who is pretend,
the devil will send attackers,
God will send you that one person
who has your back and your
character they will defend.

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