Sunday, 29 October 2017

Promo Flow

Le Hornet
It's been
along time coming,
"walk the path most
M.C's are running"
I intro with a
self promo quote
from a single
on my E.P that soon
which will soon
be in your systems

I am a poet
with multiple projects,
so I must project
myself into a space,
give people another
taste, my words are
on a BPM that is
@ my accents pace;

@ Le Hornet on,
all links
are in the words,
just tap,
see my erratic
sporadic energy,
go on click...
come on...
take a look see.

I remember I had a dream,
it involved music,
but did not see very clear,
then one day a musician
came to me and said,
add a poem as most people
would like to hear,
I said "thanks man"
after that all became clear;

clear that I am more
than I thought it would be,
I could not avoid music
when given a ton of beats,
it seemed god given
as everyday seemed like treats,
I was home grown,
I relate but I could
not talk about the streets,
I wanted to talk about my life,
excluding the vanities.

The M.C
was born out of the poet,
people doubted me
but soon they
will know it,
I did not do it to
prove them wrong,
it felt right
that I show it,
So much so
I got put on
peoples shows,
performing on stage
being a walking

Describe my up
coming sound?

urm... well...
it's an extension
of my poetry,
Hip-Hop influence
but all words are me,
not a 3rd person perspective,
but the style is 3,
some songs took 3 weeks
others 3 months,
but eventual got put
into a creative energy,
my friend used my
video game element
and adapted the songs
around that personality.

It is said you cant
live your dream
until you get the money,
so what is it when
you do it everyday
before you get the monetary?
as I sit at my desc
sorting it out
like a secretary.

This is a moment of my life
that all feels worth while,
although it's been a while,
it's time for me to smile,
I am far from done,
I have many more
books and albums to file.

Current C.V:
One book called
"Just your everyday thoughts"
A current E.P called
"Many Faces Of Le Hornet"
my physical job?
working with young children
my role? a ninja teacher
who secretly teaches
them to live their dream
forget about adult rules,
their rules are limited
to the building.

I will say no more until the
27th of November,
you will hear me vocally
now I have to get back
to promoting me,
peace from Le Hornet
see you lot in the audio letter.

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