Friday, 13 October 2017

To The Voice On The Other Side...

The closest she has seen
to my face is the pictures
In my book on the odd page,
other than that we communicate
through a satellite wave,
yet it's like I have
known her for a decade.

I am a self published author
under a company
called choir press,
before I order my book,
I am speaking to my
Publishing Angel
behind the desc,
we tend to speak before
we order to my address.

Days of darkness,
this lady filled them with light,
conversations that ignite
like a sower of fireworks
in a nights sky.

She is like my psychiatrist,
as I express my creativeness,
my future plans and she ask
about my kids,
I feel like when we speak
we're old friends who reminisce.

I ring her 15 minutes before
I enter my works door,
she is my peace
before the war,
my encore to a great
movie score?

In another life was she
my mother archetype,
giving me eons of advice,
now we meet again in this life,
If I felt down she would say
"everything is going to be alright"

No matter what she
always makes me smile
her voice takes me
that extra mile,
If I could record her phrases
as a lift me up
when I lose my creative style.

        Le Hornet...

She is my angel choir,
I press her number,
she hears my call,
sends me my bible,
soon as they arrive
to my hornet hive,
jumping on my sofa
full of excite like I'm five;

I remember that day,
I was in a bad way,
I opened a envolope
with my name,
their it was...
my face behind the seal,
the first confirmation
of my earthly fate,
like the tiger on frosties

Unseen... but always heard,
she is like my mother
who heard my first word,
my first book is because
of a great friend and her,
teachers said
"you wouldn't achieve"
now my book
migrates oversees
like a bird.

People tend not to believe
in what they can't see,
but someone I don't see,
has belief in my gift,
every conversation
is like Christmas Eve,
the D.P.D is Santa
when all is said
she has prepared
the delivery.

She was at the beginning
of my dream,
a vocal cheer leader
who wants to see me gleam,
when I make it,
will drive down to her
office personally with flowers,
coffee and ask
"with cream"
take a walk around
not talking on a phone
but in the Gloucester scene.

Voice on the other side,
no face but I hear your grace...
all mighty...
I thank you for putting
her in my space,
word love to my choir
of my angel press...
until I see you face to face.

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