Sunday, 26 November 2017

Angels Of Earth... Thanks...

From bad to worse
to wanting to quit
my missions on this earth,
a month full of hell,
yet god sent me his angels
to help me get well.

I have an album
ready to go,
I have all of
it ready from
the promo to its flow,
then something changed,
so I had to rearrange,
the first angel
I am going
to shout out is
Apex Zero;

Although sick,
also a hyper allergenic,
he got out of his bed
helped the hornet edit,
he help me with a video,
even sponsored me
in his belief,
he put my project
on bigger platforms
for a wider audience to see,
we done this in one day
with synchronicity
white tea,
it is clear he's Jah
sent to help
complete my E.P.

The other angel
I would like to thank
comes from
Radical Boulevard,
since my first book,
he has been their
to this day he
still plays hard,
he made my posters,
also the album art,
since we were
11 he has always
understood my heart,
it seems you have been sent
to me to the end of time
as you have been
there from the start.

Speaking of my book,
I hardly sold any,
but I met this coffee angel
who has been selling them
by the plenty,
he filled me with joy
when I felt very empty,
this angel is called Fizz,
the champagne sparkles,
when I make it
we are going to drink plenty,
another angel
I am thankful for who
was also sent to me.

I also had a female angel,
whose wing were broken,
but I dare not let her fall,
when her wings healed
traded places and said
“It’s your turn to stand tall”
this earth angel has seen it all;

She tolerated my rage,
where others would
have pushed me away,
when I wanted to stop,
she would press play,
sit down
help me rearrange
my music tape,
thank you ever so much
for your constant faith.

Thy neighbor had,
my second female angel,
there was a day I was mad,
she made me glad,
told me to lye down,
"wake up when your ready
I hate too see you sad"
if not for that moment,
I would be somewhere
in the gutter,
thoughts would have
turned to actions,
them actions would
have been bad.

Now what I have learnt,
some want to see you
rise to the sky,
others want to
see you burn,
to see your dreams
become ashes on their alter
of hate in an urn,
angels will make your tears gold,
your fears have less concern.

I thought no one was there
after a while people
do not care,
It was clear that
I am wrong,
because today
I write a thankful song,
praise those who are there
in your weakest Moment,
as it is them who
kept you strong.

“Angels in the human form,
thank you for helping me
through this storm,
it’s been a cold month,
but you were my blanket,
my hot chocolate
at this present
moment I feel warm”

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