Tuesday, 5 December 2017

3 Is My Lucky Number

The ultimate trio,
in my secondary days
those two were
primary friends;

first one I met behind
the sports hall,
he just came back
from basketball,
he had skills on the COURT,
look like a young Jesus,
dude was looking cool,
memories of throwing snowballs
from the kings mall.

My other close friend
was when I moved
to another class,
I was the smallest
he was the tallest,
instant match
like green over grass.

The STAMP of approval,
when we were in
our first drama group,
was it acting or W.W.E,
remember when
we used to clap in
the assembly.

Eventually, we got older,
now we wanted more,
but we got no play so
the virgin group was formed.

Me and my G
were rogg linkers,
Never felt like winners,
I remember
we were good sprinters,
Run rogg run,
if not we’re going to
scream YAHOO,
to think that’s
Where we’re looking
for the one.

Now we all have an ideal one,
Knowing together
we were a perfect one

FLASH BACK like Kelis;
Awards of 2002,
3 out of 5 won
in the virgin crew;

One won was best personality,
the other won best looks,
I won the funniest man,
3 of the best traits we would
be a woman's ideal reality.

These men played
an ideal part
In my childhood,
in fact it was them
who made life all good,
different perspective
we were the Musketeers
in jock straps,
a fireman helmet
fantasia hat
a porn book.

Memories of us three,
will last until
I get amnesia,
even then,
something will remind me,
never forget these friends,
Especially ones of great influence.

We like Orion’s B.B.B.elt,
we by each other’s side,
both are great drawers
both are great writers,
stars we are by right,
we already made it in our craft,
but together we shine bright.

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