Monday, 4 December 2017

Day Off... Time On

I wake up to a
planned breakfast
the night before,
I have to get all my
vitamins and minerals
in before I leave the door.

So I leave the door,
breakfast with the midwife,
skate in the wet weather
I was late as it is,
stopped for a coffee
I start my day
as I have restless nights,
Strange dreams,
Sweats... but no sickness,
I wonder if I am on
a dark entities hit list?

Back to my morning,
I am far from yawning,
B-complex, Ginko, selenium,
I ring my manager,
state I am going to be late,
skate to my tell off fate,
but my mood is great.

So I get their in style,
took me less than a while,
ready to do what I do best,
make the children's
day worthwhile.

So I am dressed an ready,
I ask what room,
although I knew already,
a shock face on
the assistant manager,
"What are you doing here?"
"ready to work"
I say proud and clear...

Then it is said 
"urm... It's your day off"
wait... they could not tell
me over the phone,
I had the tell off tone,
but all that time
I could have stayed home.

They gave me the option
to take overtime...
what would you choose,
a day with your girlfriend
or work for that extra money
but lose a day?

I chose the second,
take the day,
dance and play,
do some shopping with
the girlfriend catch up,
a mini lunch,
I the chips,
her the fish cake,
a proper English date
with my soul mate.

We then brought gifts,
went in no circles in the
shopping center,
it was just fun being together,
a colorful day among
this grey British weather,
Last minute...
she also got the day off,
that could not have
been timed any better.

We have not got much
commerce, but we know
things could be way worse,
why when together we
complement each others worth.

My motto and chorus was:

"Do I take the pay
or enjoy a personal day,
I said well
I would rather skate,
I can't buy time back,
this is not Justin Timberlake,
money is money,
time is money,
but money does
not determine my fate
time is something you
cannot trade but can easily
be taken away."

Let it rain,
today is summer,
as I got to chill with my lover,
cold it may have been,
but she's my undercover,
warm when we wrap up later,
both presents and each other.

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