Friday, 22 December 2017

Eulogy... A Local Loss In My Community...

my neighbor of 23,
your are now in peace,
how to describe you in
our encounters in this poem....
16th was your day
of eternal sleep...
word love to all
the people who has had
someone recently deceased.

Let me start with your offspring,
your young son I will call
Philosophical D,
a great apple from your tree, 
the first day we met he was
instantly friendly;

Help my girlfriends
mother to the top,
no elevator, he said
"Let me take the lot"
he did without stop,
my first memory,
a dreaded man
with a beard
and an Arsenal top.

He was a biker,
I was a skater,
I loved hip hop,
he loved hip hop
papoose was our
mutual flavor.

Me and your son
would discuss whatever,
have a drink together,
O.G a memory
with you I remember...
it was cold weather,
I pulled out a
bottle of rum
to feel our tum,
to bring the sun
it made our spirits
feel like we were
wearing jackets of leather.

We walked more
than we talked,
we communicated
with sigh language
we spoke in short forms,
I heard I speak fast,
I learned to slow down
with those elder than me
helping me practice
when I would
stop and say
what's up if
I saw the around town.

Once around town,
I saw your Yellow angel,
I was in a shop,
I was short of change,
but she gave me that extra,
another grey day,
but that offering
parted the clouds
and brought out
the solar rays.

Funny...Talking about mummy,
I said your son helped
my ladies mum,
I remember helping this woman
with her trolley not knowing
you were her husband
she was Philosophical D's Mum,
a balance was put in place,
coincidence??? fate???
it worked out
so in sync either way. 

I have vivid memories of
the father, but I guess I can
know you through your sons,
who shine just as bright
help me with
the little things in life,
from giving me long-boards
helping me with van work
to giving my children bikes.

One Shot
for your wife,
Two shots
for your sons,
A third for you,
those who came from you,
those who grew around you,
we shall, Reunite.In.Peace...

From your neighbor above,
I say one love,
I will look for you in a dove
and through your children
you shall live it up...
heaven is your home now
because in god we trust.

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