Saturday, 30 December 2017

New Year and Last Week End...

Happy New...
Happy Old Habits?
Happy should not be spoken.
Happy should be iron man... Like
Happy Hogan...
Happy Like Pharrell Williams,
Happy like that Forest Gump slogan.  

Happy new Gym
so I can get slim,
Happy new diet,
man who am I kidding,
give me a coke with a
large fries and an extra
piece of chicken.

What about
no more smoking,
I got the sign and the patch,
look a unfinished cigarette,
let me finish it... what a rush
O.K now I need to get a pack,
and the pack like Terminator 
said "I'll be back"

It seems like I have
many resolutions,
I must be kidding myself,
I rarely solve my daily solutions,
why do I go into the new year
with the same conclusions?

To me new year is:
don't force change,
wait until your birthday,
the year starts from your
birth on this earth,
also words are power,
if you can't act on one
of your promises,
expect your ducts to breach
because you didn't eat... your words
you should have devoured.

Be like a child,
like the fireworks,
let the colors take you
into a kaleidoscope
of the sky's networks,
stars are apart of it,
looks at one,
make a wish and enjoy
the cosmic perks.

I have daily goals which
takes months to achieve,
the ending comes
to mind in minutes,
but years it takes to succeed,
I carry self belief each minute
knowing I may not have
a year to breathe,
to those creative
promise keepers
who are now
eternal sleepers,
I say Rest In Peace.

We can start a new year
as soon as the mind is clear,
soon as the thought comes,
don't leave it too long
it may manifest into fear,
if it's an active thought
run with the idea.

No new before you get
rid of the old,
you cannot fix your physical
if you have a broken soul,
you can not reach the limitless sky
if you treat yourself like a mole.

If you make a plan,
the plan will demand,
if you do not listen to
it's command it wont
take a stand until you
stop sitting on it,
it will say
"now rise, stick it life,
be a real man"

Time is not a calendar,
it is not something
you can lie to,
Time will test your truth,
so what ever is on your
to-do list,
make sure it's in
your times and do.

To sum up...
I rarely set myself goals
because everyday I am
trying to score,
I tell myself daily I can,
so I do when I leave the door,
one day at a time...
each promise i will explore.

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