Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Week Of Art

Art has inspired
my poetic flow,
it has been a week of art,
my first poem
I crafted was when
I was in the art museum
a painting
by Henri Rousseau
which I can fit in a stanza...
here we go;

Tiger Tiger in a jungle storm,
Tiger Tiger not that warm,
Tiger Tiger very scared,
Tiger Tiger get out of here,
Tiger Tiger run run run,
Tiger Tiger this ain't much fun.

And done...
sort of...
I had to read it in assembly
and that day I was like the
tiger in the poster,
then the applause
brought the sun.

All my life imagery inspired
me beyond T.V,
it improved imagination
gave me elevation,
art had set me free,
that's the start of my art path,
In the middle I had friends that
were great drawers
it seems art was following me.

I walked with it,
No... I cannot draw,
my sketches are that of
the age of 4, but my love for
It kept me at its door...

Knock Knock,
Whose there?
my friend always
loved drawing,
he would doodle because
lessons were boring,
instead of snoring,
spider-Man and venom
he would practice
whether the weather was hot
down poring,
now he is on
a Line of artist
who are inspired
to take their gift
in their own hands,
determination like
wolverine clawing.

Knock Knock,
whose there?
R.B, the photographer
for your first book,
and that skateboard T,
one of my favorite artist
in the sense
of revolutionary,
no matter the show
I'm wearing you
over my chest,
you're my brother,
you art inspire
my energy.

When I got with
my midwife,
her mum is an artist,
has been all her life,
thus an extension
of mine,
still with her...
years over 9.

On my kitchen wall
I have a coded stencil,
I quoted the words,
My friend elevated
Them and made
It a urban mural.

Art, Reflects, Truth
Art, Rises, Thought
Art, Relays, Talent
Art, Reinforces, Talk

In one week I got two
different perspectives...

one was graffiti,
I've seen his name
in many places
from young
he gave me a
personalized dub
because someone
else brought my C.D
to him word…
I mean art love;

The other was
for a future project
he laid it out
how I said,
the combination
of a poet
an artist and I love
the perspective he
put together from
the eyes in his head.

Art has many eyes,
The different views
Artist get from
the mountain to the skies,
This poet appreciates
your craft and will always,
see you in the creative highs.

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