Thursday, 25 January 2018

Employee Number - 1...

The Employee of the month
goes to "Le Hornet"
that's a hard one to trump,
top card,
as I work hard,
I sing twinkle twinkle,
but I am this months star.

1st month
of the year,
1st nominated
1st employee
of the month,
the first employee
to be number 1
do it with fun.

preschool part time
lunch cover,
but my ethic
looks like I do
a full time shift,
as I never sit,
I like to see
my young ninjas fit
avoid laziness.

But when we're
in relax mode,
we draw pictures
with a story
we can all decode,
see who remembers
it tomorrow
add to it's flow.

Did I get It
for my team playing?
call me the Pirlo
of my team,
passing ideas
to each individual,
we all deserve that gleam,
except for the chair sitters,
who will never be winners
if they don't
change their routine.

Did I get it
because of my sporadic ideas?
which others dare not
do due to personal fears,
they say the routine
is the same
but of course,
if you have been
doing the same
in your years,
"take a risk"
I say to my work peers.

This month has
been on the up,
the midwife graduated
I got some art
for future projects,
my daughter just
learned the splits,
we are all in bliss
and all is bless.

Funny I never
look in a mirror,
but they got
a fun picture,
a victory smile
from the skateboarding ninja,
the one who tells his children,
"ginger is the winters winner"
and then they go home
and say
"Mum when I am older
can I have ginger for dinner?"

Let me soak this moment
like I am in a bath,
next month is a new champ,
but I will make the moment last,
I am the first of the year
like a degree of a
graduate who passed.

The award was recognized
by the management,
I guess the one who hired me
deserves the shout out
as it was her who put
me into action,
she is no longer there,
but as long as I am she is,
J.85 much love
forever appreciation.

I am not sure why
I got the employee
of the month
with constant lateness,
but it is clear they see
my attendance or keep
hearing the children
saying Le Hornet
like Ali,
is the greatest,
I am their champion,
big brother it is them
who make me feel like
I have already made it.

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