Monday, 22 January 2018

Great Graduation Girl

The midwifes elevation,
How I'm so proud of your

First to graduate
from our family,
I could only dream
Of such day,
But you made
it a reality,
time to throw your
hat in the air
for a bird to catch,
you're that high in the
Nest time for your
career to hatch.

Kings university,
queen of my universe
I am glad to share
it with thee,
You got your degree,
before 33,
we're far from
the Illuminati;

But you illuminate, shine,
you're the light
at the end of the tunnel
from the child coming
from the darkness
you're their deliverer of life.

Look at you in blue,
London's sky
is not grey today,
the sun shines on you,
you have your family
under your ray.

Midwife time to live,
at this present moment
I got to witness your gift,
let me rap to you
after this on a guitar rift
with a chorus like this;

"My midwife
a.k.a the bringer of life,
you're an example
of motherhood,
For mothers in the hood,
let them know
to keep going
life can be all good,
find your passion
and get your fruits,
taste so much better
than you imagined it would"

I already wrote you a dedication,
I just want to say how proud
I am to see you at a graduation,
I myself would never have,
I was not that committed to education,
you are a beacon and your children
shall shadow your dedication.

You had your fans
in the stands,
I do my hip hop chants,
I wanted to clap
but had a phone camera
digital camera In my hands;

A smile I will put next
to the degree plaque,
you still got good teeth,
but you pick the pic,
the moment was Kodak.

We are all so proud,
I write this in the
applauding crowd,
You are now made,
time to drink your
dads champagne
as well as your mums
until we black out.

I am your Link
as you are my Zelda,
we still have to battle
this High-Rule,
but now you rule
life will only get better.

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