Saturday, 6 January 2018

Mount Jacob... We Still Ride Together... (6/1/18)

First mountain to climb,
was a mountain called Jacobs,
he was tall I was small,
we had the same name,
from there we would be friends
today nothing
has even changed.

We came from
the same home,
over working mothers,
we have to be babysitters,
for our brothers and sisters,
childhood missed us,
but we would
be men together,
regardless of no
father figures.

His mother was like
my other mother,
she saw me as
his little brother,
she's a beautiful woman
who gives more than she takes
overcome many states,
her son carries the same traits,
I prey... as well as see...
It's gonna be better days.

We never had much money,
we were to young to hustle,
so we would go on
random missions,
I need not be scared
because with him
I felt like
I had extra muscle.

We would play
Tony hawk demo
until the tomorrow,
who knew I would skate,
he would snake-board,
but that wasn't my taste,
now he long board,
as I do, man...
were getting older
in this place.

We're still friends
until this day,
now our children play,
he got daughters that bike,
I got a daughter
that likes to skate,
active women in our life,
helps us motivate.

For fun we would
go for a chase
by the local kebab owners,
we would run with laughter,
they would run
broad day light with knives,
that type of fear made
us run faster,
they served bad food,
but kept me in good shape,
the first item was
a health statement
an apple in their store
to entice the chase.

WCW/NWO Revenge,
we would Double L
on anyone who hurt his
little friend,
Rey Mysterio
Big Show...
from the top rope,
I mean table,
with a taunt before
the dive of the guy on
the receiving end;

I say Happy birthday
to my long-term friend,
let us celebrate with
a Hennessy shot
for each year...
actually no..
then our party will
come to an end,
see you at the top
of the mountain
as we climb higher
forever ascend.

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