Saturday, 20 January 2018

Phase Father Son

Phase 1
Get pizza or cook with my son?
Forget the delivery man,
he was delivered from his mum,
to assist his father in the kitchen,
don't worry I will make it fun.

He is good at Table tennis,
I may as well start the dishes,
it is winter, so any excuse
to be warm, I do not wash
all of them as I wash up slow
and the gas just got paid,
if I wash the whole dishes it
would have went straight
back to low.

Phase 2
Lay out food,
set up the chopping
corner, the plan is he chops,
teenage knife crime
is at a high,
teenagers just chop
food not the years
of someone elses life,
I got a teenage son
he's helping me
chop tonight.

He chops with accuracy,
it must be
his mothers O.C.D,
better than playing C.O.D,
the war at your age
is against responsibility,
do it now
it will not be your enemy.

Phase 3
burn some incense to balance
out the cats toilets energy,
the buzzer rings,
now it's time to tag
father and son
urban revenant
he's my hawk,
through his eyes I shall see.

Phase 4
I let him take a break,
his help gets rewarded,
so I let him play
star fox zero,
he wants to be a pilot,
so no need for
grand theft auto,
let me give you a future
version of star wing,
which was my past flow.

Phase 5
lets start cooking,
I skin the carrots,
you chop them into sticks
whilst I keep an eye on the food
making words out of the pics.

I feel so proud,
we have a simple relationship,
he's quiet, I am loud,
until we play the fart game
no one to blame
him and I are the crowd.

Phase 6
dinner is done,
a mature movie for his age,
a boxing movie called
"The Bleeder"
a bio on someone called
Chuck Wepner,
Ali had a mini feature,
which defined this
mans career after the fight,
inspiring rocky
my son learnt
drugs will take you down
slow down and ruin your life.

Phase 7
we both are in la la land
but the night was heaven,
the midwife got back
with the princess,
after her arrival I brush
my teeth and go to bed,
formulating this poem
for the next day in my head,
finally finished and my son
we have many of those days ahead.

Phase 8
I just want to end it
by saying you are great,
I used to treat you hard,
only so you can be in your
current state,
you show me your life
will be easier,
it's clear you have
will power,adaptation,
and if I can't guard you forever,
may the angels guide your fate
until I see you at heavens gate. 

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  1. Yo I might come in with a little big fart feature next time you play that charming game! Love this poem my bro, that bar about using knifes for food instead of teenage knife crime is so potent in this current climate kids are growing up in.