Monday, 29 January 2018

They Live (Poetic Rendition)

They Live...
on our billboards,
what they mean
is not what we see,
subliminal messages
via the T.V frequency.

They Live...
for the lies and we must
never know the truth,
as we fight to convince
friends and family
who believe channel 54
or 54 outlets
of the daily news.

They Live...
in the Parliaments
white house,
they speak to us
through ventriloquist,
so we don't use our mouth. 

They Live...
to control our soul,
take over the planet
digging underground
bunkers that moved out
Mr mole, they watch
us watching their show,
mind manipulation
is their ultimate goal.

They Live...
in disguise,
to see them you will
need the black shades
which expose your eyes,
to their ugly face,
so ugly you can
even hear a bag
of onions cries.

They Live...
now in our children,
bait them with
false dreams,
then they reel them,
they can't differentiate
what's real as they
alter their vision.

They Live...
to stop the resistance,
rid of their existence,
but the consistent
will eventually blow
your transmissions.

They Live...
to make you
out as crazy,
because they keep
the nation lazy,
fast food,
fast services
to come to your
door on a daily.

They Live...
to keep us in a bubble,
NO... NO... NO...
"let us kick ass and chew
I am out of Hubba Bubba...
let's shoot the alien scum.

They Live...
because we sleep,
as long as we obey,
the state of inducing
only gets deep,
the truth we seek,
but lost because
their games we are
hypnotised to play.

They Live...
what a great movie,
that should have
got a red Carpenter
R.I.Piper your role
was really groovy,
the truth was clear
will be conveyed
through my offspring
who come through me.

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