Wednesday, 14 February 2018

14th Day, 14 Rules, 14 Corners Of Love...

14 Rules
14 Years,
14 Stanzas
one must try
make clear.

Rule 1:
preparation is key,
if you want to unlock
dessert early,
you better prepare the D...
Dinner and later on you can
become cupids winner.

Rule 2:
get her a card...
no make her one with
paper and glue,
the main thing
is keep the words true,
anything recycled
will make her feel blue;
see... sick of the cliche,
words people like to re... play.

Rule 3:
get the Malibu,
instead of the Bacardi,
Malibu is island life
and lengthens the party,
extended the invitation,
I will be her joker,
if she wants to play
the card with the Harley.

Rule 4:
keep it simple
don't do more,
do what you daily
with extra attention
the key to her door.

Rule 5:
if it's been over 5,
keep the relationship high,
their may be a low time,
but count the minutes
you have now and she
may be your wife for life.

Rule 6:
get your mind off
the tricks,
they cant treat you
like she does,
understanding love,
no detached lust,
main wife is trust,
a mistress is temporal
invading my temple,
get a queen who will
cross you diagonal,
sexing with your knight
when the full moon is bright.

Rule 7:
To hell with a Jezebel,
keep the wife in Heaven,
make sure she's worth Heaven,
marry a whore and expect
to be her servant under her
3rd knee begging.

Rule 8:
only procreate with
the one who can
except your DNA,
it's not a game
to leave children lost,
because half of them
don't want to play,
but just play
a game with every
other dame,
leave their children
in dismay.

Rule 9:
utilise the time,
like it's endless,
make it  she's worth your;
Rule 10:
she's worthy of being
on this list,
take the zero,
she's number 1,
the one worth
to bare your son.

if you get frustrated
with the relationship,
take it back to friendship,
when you liked each other
and shared that first kiss,
remember she the reason
why you want to change
that title of miss...

make sure she's
the who give bale,
the one who will
fulfil the fairy tale,
once upon a time
until the end when
you're frail.

she's the woman
of your dream,
she is your tag team,
words you do not need;
you both have actions,
that define argument,
we need not to speak...

happy valENtines Day.

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