Sunday, 18 February 2018

Panther Power... Black Beauty...

Black Panther,
Black growth,
Black power,
Black control.
Black cast,
Black whole.

A movie about a hero,
not the hung,
a movie that relates
to the people
from the land of the sun...

I AM the son of KING T'Chaka...
My name... T'Challa...
A heart shaped herb
to enhance my ability,
not only physical,
but also spiritually,
allow me to visit those
who are part of my history;

Bury me in sand
so I can visit my
ancestors land,
so at least one
more time I can hold
my fathers hand.

I am from
an advance nation,
outsiders assume
we are developing,
but been developed
before they put us on
their plantation;

A foreign agent,
went to speak to one
of the tribe leaders,
said if he dares speak,
he will make him meat,
laughed at his expression,
stating we live off vegetation.

Our Women are warriors
who hate dress up,
they are far from feminist,
but protect women's rights,
whilst respecting their men
in their wars and fights.

I got nothing but love
for my people,
I want to help my enslaved,
but do they want to be saved?
let's keep it real;

Civil war,
before I met
Captain America
or was an avenger,
I had to battle my own
brothers and cousins
to stay king,
do we want to be one
and rule together?

I am sorry,
I had to kill you blood,
but when your father,
my uncle got to
the western world
he became corrupt,
giving our power
to those who stripped
us of it, like they did
not take enough,
I will show you
the beauty of our land
before your eyes shut.

In the end,
I cannot make
the western world,
but a few
from it can
be my friend,
I will give
to my people
from my hand,
not those who
made us enemies,
I want to see us transcend. 

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  1. Brave son , the light is shining on Carmels's Hill near the the foot of the mountain.J.U.S.dat how we do, wit dat being said