Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sex Robot, Function Machine (Sexecution 1.9)

who needs real women
in the bed,
women are plastic as it is,
from hair to pedicure,
now I go a dull
that will scream
ask me for more;

She can wait for hours,
no pressure, less viruses,
easy pleasure and she will
not judge my measure,
but reassure me when
I put my USD...
I mean MY... USB
in her connector.

Metal Vagina,
auto lube if I over use,
not much maintenance,
she will not mind
if I snooze,
when I am turned on,
press on a give her
my liquid ooze.

I can have a
simulated orgy,
I may even by 3,
who needs a wifey,
I can have the dream face
of my ultimate fantasy,
with someone who
would walk past me in reality,
the future is sex robots,
relationships will face a tragedy;

or maybe a
relationships saviour,
I may buy one
hat is programmed to
my girlfriends behaviour,
just in case she goes
on long holidays
I don't want to cheat,
I make out with a
robot between the sheet...
put her on overdrive...
she will scream
"UH-OH malfunction failure"

Now to pick the
woman of my choice, 
activate my desired voice,
sensual and reassuring words
that will strengthen my poise,
turn her up as she turns me on
let the neighbours
hear her noise.

"Sex Dull,
Sex Dull,
your a sex dull,
you can give it to me,
oh... oh... oh... oh..."

She will be my object
following each objective,
saying "affirmative"
not getting offended,
not saying I am controlling,
although it's I with the stick.

Robo-dull will make
me feel whole,
I will give her
all my soul,
and my DNA code,
unlock with my key,
get her started,
she only recognises
my mould;

Maybe keep her
in virgin mode,
"your my first on repeat"
every time I break the cherry,
it goes "ding ding ding"
she orgasms coins of gold.

Is this the new love,
I know we are meant to
love with hearts of steel,
but for real... actual steel,
no longer steal a heart,
love has become cold
as sex robots
become more real,
not my type of future,
let's keep it Adam and Eve,
not Bill and Steve,
because real love
is what will really heal.

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  1. First animals now robots what's next on the island, robots jigs pissing on the humans. And with dat being said 😥😥😥