Saturday, 17 March 2018

My Small is Cool

Height Small,
but it's cool
to be small,
let me write
you a poem
that you can
read at school,
stick on your wall.

I reach them...
regardless of my size,
the smallest person
can always reach
the bigger prize,
yeah I may seem
close to the ground,
but my dreams
exceed the skies.

I am S and S
small as well as smart,
people play small
mind games,
but can never compare
to my big heart,
in my chest... stand...
tall in my art,
gymnast is what I do,
with my body size,
I play my part.

I am a flexible intellectual,
to my true friends
I am influential
we are different sizes,
we bring out
each others potential.

When I get chase,
it's easy to dodge,
if you get close,
slip through that
rabbit hole in the fence,
hop hop hop,
as I leap in the sunset
looking back laughing
at the big dog.

Cat agility,
monkey ability,
like a cheater I move
swiftly than quickly,
nature has it's reason,
the reason I can do
pull ups by the fifty.

If being small
was a curse,
why do the smallest
roses have the
biggest beauty
on this earth...

If being small
is DNA,
why are you throwing
insults my way?
leave me alone
let me play,
pick on someone
in your class
who is your same weight;

Wait... you're afraid
he might down size you
in front of your crew,
are you afraid to lose?

You maybe
bigger than me,
but does your heart
match your size?
in truth I except
that I am small,
you don't for
some reason...
but I will not
let your remarks
water my eyes;

I will walk proud,
no high heels,
low sole,
my soul is big as
Jupiter's black hole,
you maybe
as tall as one,
but it is I who will get
to the top of the pole,
put my flag up
let the people know...
although small,
I can reach heights
because I have targets
I will reach my goal.

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