Sunday, 25 March 2018

Poetic Personal Portrait

Key words:

Always happy...
His smile makes me
smile, he is contagious
energy, when I feel sick,
he makes me feel better
yeah London is grey,
but his vibe changes
the internal
external weather;

if I had powers I would
wipe out the evil
in my sector,
I feel it would,
but I know it will not
make it any better.

I'm just too...

truth is my torment,
in any event,
I will vent,
let you know
how much you meant,
it was I who failed,
no blame,
real time truth,
no edit,
If we are not
straight forward
than our relationship
will forever be bent.

he turns all pains
heals with words
that encourage elevation.

because of the
way I speak,
when I say sentences
that make you weak,
when I say thoughts
that matches
your hearts beat.

I made people laugh
until I had my first son,
life was no joke,
I got serious
for a moment
then reverted
back to fun,
laughter is a cure,
I got the medicine,
here... take some...

I treat my lady like royal,
rumble any man
who breaks my plan,
I plan,
blueprint already made,
for such individuals
who want to break
what I built even
if I become a X-man,
will make my last stand.

why I will never make
a good husband,
adaptive to marry
but would I be
your main one?
I would hope,
but if not,
I understand
won't stand under
you Hun.

I will speak to the
someone of a
different dialect
find a common language,
I can turn a stones
into a sandwich,
be the team player
when you can't manage.

to those younger than me,
who call me
Morpheus from Matrix,
Yoda from Star Wars,
elders also see,
the blind let me know,
I can hear you,
I can feel your energy.

I will never quit,
took me 4 years
for a kick flip,
14 years to maintain
a relationship,
years to believe
my dream I can live,
whilst having
the time to give.

I do not critique,
my lady had
to help me see,
the mirror is
not my friend,
but a lot of
people's enemy,
I live by feeling,
not seeing,
her words reassures
my self belief
balance my sense
of achieving.

1 comment:

  1. Excel is what you do, not everyone has the gift to speak from the university of the universe.