Monday, 2 April 2018

Human Problems...


My heart,
as much as I give it, 
eventually people
will want to rip it apart...

R.I.P, as I am numb to reality, 
balance out others 
unbalance with my own sanity...

I am, not what I want to be, 
but what was
bestowed upon me, 
like god put me
here as a spark, 
but a spark turns into fire 
can create desire, in truth...

I am a man who
adapts to the muck, 
so I know about the mire... 
my heart wants to stay clean.
why I eat green,
to feed my 4th chakra.

My heart reflects
my physical state,
why one must breathe
with it, you must learn
to concentrate or meditate,
you better listen
to your heart
before it's to late;

My heart can tolerate
because many have
invaded it's gate,
why I become more
hard headed
so my heart would
no longer break,
no more energy vampires,
I got my garlic covered steak.

But I will
never stop the mission, 
because although
people may be blind to me, 
will soon see...
if not add to there vision 
as I constantly
battle with division
mind vs the heart.
no.. my heart and mind
work in unison.

As I work on my cardiac
police want to arrest
another boring interaction 
as they live to arrest, 
I live for the test 
from my chest, 
psychology keeps
the mind stuck, 
if you don't understand
the intention,
than intend to be stuck. 

Feeling divided
as I recite this, 
do it for the real
or the critics, 
forget critics, 
only god can judge me 
even then 
I will be my own jury; 

purple eye as I try
to tap in my 3rd eye, 
but I keep my ball pen 
ramming and rhyming 
as I deal with the encounter 
of my own kind...

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