Sunday, 15 April 2018

Race Together

Off equal, 
as that is how
we were all made, 
separation is an illusion 
by those who cling onto 
an inferiority complex. 

We are all one race
some people even two 
I have three identities 
but my aura
is shining blue. 

You can’t see it
because you look 
on the outside,
if God were to strip 
our skin we would
all be pink on the inside;

The creator dose
not look at the 
colour of your skin, 
but the colour
of your mind. 

My mind reflects rainbows 
As these divine
children are of all Colours,
creeds and beliefs,
no need to see each
other as others. 

If one has a belief
in non judgment, 
the easiest way
to practice that 
would be with
your fellow man,
lab rats to test how
they react when
you bust them.

Prove yourself
in the eyes
of your maker 
make friends instead
of enemies.

If you are sick
of running for a
racist team,
just drop the baton. 

There will be hurdles
due to history, 
But together
we shall jump them.

Oneness is real 
I have connected, 
Each race has
unique runners 
and together
are willing to put 
this pointless
diversity to a 


  1. When the SUN is shining only few see's it, as it is!!! Wit dat being said keep rising

    1. for you I shall and bring new light to this fight.