Thursday, 10 May 2018

Hornet Hero Handout

In the words of
Aunt May:
"There's a hero
inside all of us"
in this world
there are plenty,
here is my fantasy
draft of whom I share
a similar energy.

Spiderman, the way
I do a handstand,
agile when I fall,
as I do a cartwheel recovery,
all the children are like "cool"
then they ask me
to climb a wall,
instead I climb
on a bar and say
"Hey... join me in a pull"

I have a Iron heart
like Tony Stark,
I may not be that smart,
because if I could take
anything apart,
I would reassemble
the whole world into
a theme park,
and giant raceways
for all to go kart,
but men behind the iron
curtain want to see the
world torn apart and a part.

call me one punch man,
just a hero for fun,
except my powers are
to encourage the young,
I say "have a fist fight
before you reach for that gun,
the loser buys dinner...
udon noodles anyone?"

Like Silver Surfer
my board is my strength,
I could skate a long length,
it keeps my body grounded
and helps my mind ascend.

My lifestyle is more
like Rorschach as I jot
my daily diary in a pad,
today's journal stating
"children bleed
more and more,
the old step over
them on the floor,
Fathers don't recognise
their children, they went
from their mum to a whore"

Similar to Black Panther,
I fight for my people,
they got the wrong part
of the western deal,
they're always on the
newsreel as another
confirmed kill,
Gun's, Drugs and Police
are their Achilles Heel.

Dark days I feel like
Jessica Jones,
leave me alone
in my drink,
let me think,
I will solve your case
after a corona case,
the job will get done
whatever my personal state,
I love to help,
but it's my self I hate;

Not ta say I do not
like to be part of a team,
Captain America leadership,
I value friendship,
commitment in a relationship,
I got the main ships set,
now set sail with your captain,
I will guarantee you a round trip,
we don't trade lives,
with me you will live.

So what is my true power?
I use words for inspiration.
I work with children,
helping them tap into
their true purpose,
helping their elevation,
I sometimes give a homeless
man a conversation,
with some money for food
so hope can live
within their situation,
always turn up to a
friends invitation,
I assisted my girlfriend
to finish her education,
this is my local power,
imagine I could use this
for a wider nation?

We are all heroes
by birth right,
we become the villains
when we lose sight
of our insight and concentrate
our focus on what
we want on the outside,
we become greedy
instead of winning together,
lose as individuals due
to the ego's drive never to
find our true power in life...
which is breath...
a shout out to the real hero's
who gives C.P.R,
to the doctors, nurses
and midwifes who do this
beyond the cheque.

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