Thursday, 24 May 2018

Knife Life Will Never Make it Right

Knife Life, there’s no need
for a fist fight,
I take it out and stick you,
whether it be day or night;

Thank you mum for bringing
me in the world,
but I got to leave it,
I got to drop a body…
because I can’t drop my pride.

It’s so hard being young,
if I don’t die by the knife,
then I’m going to die by the gun,
taking out or be taken out
by someone else’s son.

In truth I am alone,
where I live there is no job zone,
most of us do not have a home,
we live on the streets,
we don’t kick rocks but sell rocks,
our life expectancy is unknown.


You are young,
You have time to find
Your intention.

To the privileged…
my life’s nothing but a movie,
they sit at home watching
the same old news,
would they help
if they really knew me?

Police don’t protect,
if I snitch that’s my neck,
I got to prove it to my set
 I won’t be part of the gang,
he’ll call me small fry, I’m a big fish
and I’ll prove I can bring him net.

The knife does not better your life,
if you cut someone else,
you end up in a cell in a living hell,
home becomes jail,
because the choice you made
was not of your own story
just another street tail;

Should have lead, been ahead…
in your decisions,
not let an older man send
you on street missions,
you do the crime and the time,
he’s got the bread
many more pigeons…

Stools, stick like gum to the tables…
stay in school, forget the detention hall,
I’ve been there with friends
that I thought was cool…

Now they are in and out of prison,
they failed and fell…
so please don’t you fall,
rise to your future…
don’t cut your life small.

Le “Wise With Words” Hornet

This poem was Inspired by
 the Documentary by
Jermain Jenus
as well as the constant increase
for awareness
for a future generation
left in a state of unfairness.

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