Monday, 28 May 2018

Listen Up

I am the one that will listen,
I hear your potential
lack of vision,
I drive my attention
as you steer your words
into collision.

Speak you may,
but make sure your words
are not for play,
unless your a wordsmith,
if not... my ears become stone
if your words are clay.

I can speak more
than I listen,
but I listen when you speak,
you tend to only say words
that make you weak,
I give you a strong solution
then you say the same
problem the following week.

Not to say you
can't speak your pain,
but to repeat it
again and again,
means you clearly
don't listen and do
not want to change,
a waste of my time,
I want it back like
DR Strange.

Ears the size of a mouse,
my listening is fly like dumbo
when he leapt off the house,
I am a fly listener
just ask my spouse.

Listening is a skill,
it takes will...
not to cut someone off
and express what you feel.

Listen up,
listen not to hate,
listen to love,
listen to someones cry
then give them a hug.

Don't talk to be heard,
talk about your betterment
not only about your worst,
you talk and guess what
I will listen first.

I talk,
you talk,
let's listen to each other,
don't hog the mic,
why battle for word,
let's piece them
live at peace
like a monk on
a mountain curve.

I hear all...
it took me years,
but I have the ears,
big listening with ears
that are small.

1 comment:

  1. Platforms are minimum in modern life. But no one goes where they are not sent, breaking the bond of invisable chains, eyes to open ears to hear then gift of JAH will be seen, not our will but his will be done.who is going to wake up the LIOnS in JUDA? A Pussycat