Saturday, 19 May 2018

Poem For The Prince

Hey Harry,
the one that
is about to marry,
a congratulations
from the nation
on the 19th of may
they join you for
your celebration.

U.K to U.S
Red heart,
Blue sky
White dress;

United Kingdom,
United States,
United Love,
let's throw both a
white and brown dove.

Love to your mum,
in spirit she will
be by her second son,
as you recite
your vowels to
your forever one;

One love...
you clearly
only see one people,
you broke your family
tradition, which is great
if I'm going to keep it real,
love will only be blind
if your family does
not see her as an equal,
who cares if they don't 
you clearly like cinnamon
in your meal.

Just like your mother,
you could care less
about colour,
she also broke the rules
as you can see
in her last lover.

No bLack-lash,
this love better be
for the long term,
like any marriage,
it better go way beyond
what you earn,
love is more rich
when both souls
are gold and live
until together their
ashes burn.

You got your
M & M,
Married Markle,
may your marriage
sparkle as bright as the
diamond on her finger,
so icy that the
sun says "that's cool"

Who cares if your
6th on the throne,
you're a true king with
your queen at home,
make sure together you
rule not the British,
but your personal throne.

Prince and Princess,
may your matrimony
be bless even if others
want to see less...
prove you can be more,
now carry your princess
to the chambers and kick
in the bedroom door.

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