Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Woman Work... Working With Women

I am but a man
who works with women,
I am but a sperm in
a nursery full of ovaries.

Ask about my
feminine side?
so intuitive I put
a feminist aside,
words so emotionally etching,
sketching pictures
as I take her on a sandy ride,
erase and reset;

at work I am beach time,
Bacardi and lime,
if your unsure you will be
sure when you hit my line.

PMS cycle,
I know when they can't
ride the bike,
I am just that nice guy,
who listens,
why women confide.

I don't pretend,
I respond at a time
rate better than their mate,
he is prime but I
have to hear the time,
let us go peak to peak
because when you get home
he's on the recline
on a decline.

Women like to chat,
I purr not for their pussy,
I'm not that type of cat,
I'm a Leo with quick reflexes,
as soon as they
throw a sentence,
I throw it right back,
I automatically react.

I am no threat,
at my best I
past the lust test,
I never interfere
if the woman's
got a child
has a mate in check;

Don't check me,
check your friend
who is more likely
an enemy, checking on
your spouse, wait until you
leave your house,
you pull out, he goes
in the house,
in between her,
you get back
she's ready round three.

We both know,
hornet ain't no threat,
your girls your girl,
I ain't trying to
break your set,
I keep it clean,
don't let jealousy
make a mess,
yes I am a hornet
I need not take honey
from your nest,
I got a syrup sap
who is so sweet
and her loves so
sticky, it sticks to
my heart, she is the
treasure to my chest;

Davy Jones and Calipso,
she got my soul,
when I get back from
a day of hell with women
I don't know,
when I get too,
I am glad I got mine,
we fine like silk 
in a web the spider wove.

I never want a man to see
me pouncing on his girl,
I am but a temporary rock
to kick it with...
but recognise you
are her world.

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